Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have no idea...
Why on earth some people choose to be backstabbers?
Are they satisfied to see the scar they made to the people close to them?

But--for all of the victim of this kind of crime--maybe you should thank them for doing that to you.
It can be a golden opportunity to learn about human nature.
It's also the best way to learn how to manage your own emotion.

Should we learn from such thing?
You see... it's a high level of hurt mechanism.
First, you're not alert to defend yourself at the time.
Even the legendary think tank, Julius Caesar, was assassinated by backstabbing done by his trusted successor, Brutus.
The last word that came out of his mouth was just: "Is that you, Brutus?"
Yes, backstabbing can be so shocking that we can lose our words all of a sudden.
Second, backstabber is usually a person you trust.
It will be more painful to be defeated by the person you're attached to, right?
When you learn in the hardest way, you'll get it most effectively.

It's normal if you feel angry.
But, someone once said to me that anger is a very powerful negative energy.
It will eat you up from inside and leave you suffocating.
So, it's better for you to FORGET the backstabbers than to HATE them.
They don't deserve the tears you spill for them,
they don't deserve the time you spend to think about them,
and they just don't deserve your concern!
Trust me, it will be such a waste.
Just by moving on and proving that you don't lose the capability to treasure your life, you can overcome the hatred.
It's the best revenge, I guess.

For I had gone through this terrible experience and had managed to survive,
I can share the precious lesson now.
For some period of time, I had my self-esteem in the lowest point.
I blamed myself for it.
I even justified the action by thinking that I deserve it.
It takes so much time to heal the wound
and it takes so much effort to get me back on the track.

But, I'm done with it.
When it comes again into my life
(and it may happen anytime, even in the most unexpected moment),
I already have the power to stand up for my right.
Happiness is a basic human right ne~
Personally, I consider the experience as an opened door to a better life.
I'm grateful that I've escaped from a heartburning jail,
and I'm soooo satisfied with what I have now.

when God closes a door, He opens another one.