Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Move In Day

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That was the day for me. I had be defeated something more in my life like

Friends, best friends, unique friends many more ....... even my enemies also

That days we had project viva hhhhmmm.... quite remarkable viva they took 15 min per individual to do viva. Mine reg number is 19 for me it’s already late .........finally my time is came out. I gone there as interviewer. 2 person ready to do the viva for me..

Am also ready for their questions but surprise they didn’t ask as more on my project

Finally my viva is over with successfully …….

We came out with happily but we people forget that today is our last day and I took some snaps with faculties and with my friends that time I felt Soooooooo much carrying but I didn’t express that feeling with any one……

That’s all I don’t want express more on that topic…….

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.

Not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just nonsense, and others scoff at people who believe and accept it. Among the people who accept it, not many know how to use it effectively to get results. Yet, it seems that many are becoming attracted to this subject, as evidenced by the many books, lectures and courses about it. This is a subject that is gaining popularity.

It is quite common to hear people say: "Think positive!", to someone who feels down and worried. Most people do not take these words seriously, as they do not know what they really mean, or do not consider them as useful and effective. How many people do you know, who stop to think what the power of positive thinking means?

The following story illustrates how this power works:
Allan applied for a new job, but as his self-esteem was low, and he considered himself as a failure and unworthy of success, he was sure that he was not going to get the job. He had a negative attitude towards himself, and believed that the other applicants were better and more qualified than him. Allan manifested this attitude, due to his negative past experiences with job interviews.

His mind was filled with negative thoughts and fears concerning the job for the whole week before the job interview. He was sure he would be rejected. On the day of the interview he got up late, and to his horror he discovered that the shirt he had planned to wear was dirty, and the other one needed ironing. As it was already too late, he went out wearing a shirt full of wrinkles.

During the interview he was tense, displayed a negative attitude, worried about his shirt, and felt hungry because he did not have enough time to eat breakfast. All this distracted his mind and made it difficult for him to focus on the interview. His overall behavior made a bad impression, and consequently he materialized his fear and did not get the job.

Jim applied for the same job too, but approached the matter in a different way. He was sure that he was going to get the job. During the week preceding the interview he often visualized himself making a good impression and getting the job.

In the evening before the interview he prepared the clothes he was going to wear, and went to sleep a little earlier. On day of the interview he woke up earlier than usual, and had ample time to eat breakfast, and then to arrive to the interview before the scheduled time.

He got the job because he made a good impression. He had also of course, the proper qualifications for the job, but so had Allan.

What do we learn from these two stories? Is there any magic employed here? No, it is all natural. When the attitude is positive we entertain pleasant feelings and constructive images, and see in our mind's eye what we really want to happen. This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy and happiness. The whole being broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even the health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall and the voice is more powerful. Our body language shows the way you feel inside.

Positive and negative thinking are both contagious.
All of us affect, in one way or another, the people we meet. This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through thoughts and feelings transference, and through body language. People sense our aura and are affected by our thoughts, and vice versa. Is it any wonder that we want to be around positive people and avoid negative ones? People are more disposed to help us if we are positive, and they dislike and avoid anyone broadcasting negativity.

Negative thoughts, words and attitude bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which cause more unhappiness and negativity. This is the way to failure, frustration and disappointment.

Practical Instructions

In order to turn the mind toward the positive, inner work and training are required. Attitude and thoughts do not change overnight.

Read about this subject, think about its benefits and persuade yourself to try it. The power of thoughts is a mighty power that is always shaping our life. This shaping is usually done subconsciously, but it is possible to make the process a conscious one. Even if the idea seems strange give it a try, as you have nothing to lose, but only to gain. Ignore what others might say or think about you, if they discover that you are changing the way you think.

Always visualize only favorable and beneficial situations. Use positive words in your inner dialogues or when talking with others. Smile a little more, as this helps to think positively. Disregard any feelings of laziness or a desire to quit. If you persevere, you will transform the way your mind thinks.

Once a negative thought enters your mind, you have to be aware of it and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one. The negative thought will try again to enter your mind, and then you have to replace it again with a positive one. It is as if there are two pictures in front of you, and you choose to look at one of them and disregard the other. Persistence will eventually teach your mind to think positively and ignore negative thoughts.

In case you feel any inner resistance when replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, do not give up, but keep looking only at the beneficial, good and happy thoughts in your mind.

It does not matter what your circumstances are at the present moment. Think positively, expect only favorable results and situations, and circumstances will change accordingly. It may take some time for the changes to take place, but eventually they do.

Another method to employ is the repetition of affirmations. It is a method which resembles creative visualization, and which can be used in conjunction with it. It is the subject of another article on this website.

The other articles at this website, about the power of concentration, will power, self-discipline and peace of mind also contribute to the development of a positive mind, and are recommended for reading and practicing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day of College

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kabse,
Aage ke sapne saja rakhe the naajane kab se.
Bade utavle the yahaan se jaane ko ,
Zindagi ka agla padaav paane ko .
Par naa jane kyon ..Dil mein aaj kuch aur aata hai,
Waqt ko rokne ka jee chahta hai.

Jin baton ko lekar rote the Aaj un par hansi aati hai ,
Na jaane kyon aaj un palon ki yaad bahut aati hai .

Kaha karte the ..Badi mushkil se char saal seh gaya,
Par aaj kyon lagta hai ki kuch peeche reh gaya.

Na bhoolne wali kuch yaadein reh gayi,
Yaadien jo ab jeene ka sahara ban gayi.
Meri taang ab kaun kheencha karega ,
Sirf mera sir khane kaun mera peecha karega.
Jahaan 2000 ka hisaab nahin wahaan 2 rupay ke liye kaun ladega,
Kaun raat bhar saath jag kar padega ,
KAUN MERI gaadi mujse pooche bina lejayega ,
Kaun mere naye naye naam banayega.
Mein ab bina matlab kis se ladoonga,
Bina topic ke kisse faalto baat karoonga ,
Kaun fail hone par dilasa dilayega,
Kaun galti se number aane par gaaliyaan sunayega .
Tapri mein Chai kis ke saath piyoonga ,
Wo haseen pal ab kis ke saath jiyoonga,
Aise dost kahaan milenge Jo khai mein bhi dhakka de aayein,
Par fir tumhein bachane khud bhi kood jayein.

Mere gaano se pareshaan kaun hoga ,
Kabhi muje kisi ladki se baat karte dekh hairaan kaun hoga ,
Kaun kahega saale tere joke pe hansi nahin aai ,
Kaun peeche se bula ke kahega..aage dekh bhai .

Movies mein kiske saath dekhhonga,
Kis ke saath boring lectures jheloonga ,

Kere farzee certificates ko raddi kehne ki himmat kaun karega ,
Bina dare sachi rai dene ki himmat kaun karega.

Achanak bin matlab ke kisi ko bhi dekh kar paglon ki tarah hansna,
Na jaane ye fir kab hoga .

Doston ke liye professor se kab lad payenge ,
Kya hum ye fir kar payenge,
Raat ko 2 baje poha khane station kaun jayega ,
Tez gaadi chalane ki shart kaun lagayega .
Kaun muje mere kabiliyat par bharosa dilayega,
Aur jyada hawa mein udne par zameen pe layege ,
Meri khushi mein sach mein khush kaun hoga ,
Mere gam mein muj se jyada dukhi kaun hoga...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life is hard


If You Ever Wanted To Be Happy, Wondered Why Is Life So Hard, What's Wrong With You and Felt You Could Achieve Greatness...The Time To Live Your Dreams Is Here!

Let's take a look at a few of the common issues you may be struggling with:

Problem 1: Poor Decisions

You often look back on your life and wonder, "How would my life be if I didn't make that decision?" You are living in the what that causes you to become frustrated. You have no idea how you got to where you are today!

It appears you just woke up and there you were in this life that is unfulfilling. The truth is you chose that life for yourself. You may not be able to see it but you did! You need to ask yourself, "Why did I pick that life and how can I change it?"

Here's a wake up note...not making a choice is making a choice. You just chose not to do anything, which is a choice. Now can you see how you could end up living an unfulfilled life?

Problem 2: Lack of Direction/Purpose

Here's another wake up note...if you think focusing on a financial goal and achieving it is called having a "sense of direction" then you are sadly mistaken.

Just look around you...there are thousands of miserable people who are wealthy! Obviously, money in itself is not the answer.

What you need to ask yourself is, "How can I live a meaningful life while living comfortable and not focusing on money? And how will I get there?" I can promise you it will not be an easy journey but well worth the effort.

Problem 3: Low Self-Esteem

Do you walk around feeling people don't like you? Do you get easily offended when people say things the wrong way? Do you tend to think that when someone is upset and you are around that it may be your fault?

If you answered, "Yes" to any of those then you are suffering from low self-esteem. What you need to ask yourself is, "Where did all of this begin? How can I change this?"

Problem 4: Impatience

When an individual makes uninformed choices and realize they made a mistake the immediate reaction is to attempt to get quick results. This is to make up for the lost time!

Often you find when you are impatient and make quick decisions you end up paying for it in ways you've never thought of such as:

  • Hurting others
  • Hurting yourself
  • Wasting more time
  • Wasting money
  • And much more

If you find yourself becoming impatient then rest assure you are about to make a huge mistake you will regret if you don't slow down.

Problem 5: Settle for Less

Ask yourself, "Have I settled for the life I live?" The answer is,"Yes" if you are unhappy or not where you desire to be! Deny it if you like but if you haven't made a consistent effort to change then you are happy where you are!

You are so used to settling that you wouldn't know what you deserved if it kicked you in the face. Don't feel bad as you are not alone! I was there for a while myself; and millions of people settle and are not aware of it either!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Times are the Best of Times!

Family consits two or more people with shared goals and values and also with a long term commitment to each other... Parents are responsible to their children's developments 

Of course the family times are the best times because we can see almost all blood relatives stay together and we enjoy with them.

Running successful family is the home work to head of the family (father)

Do your grandmother and grandfather — mother and father — aunts and uncles — tell stories about the "good old days?"

When I was in childhood i had more fun with my family at that time I did not know how to behave with others, that time my family thought me a lot 

Till now I don’t forget my childhood days so kindly request you also don't lose your family times share your all feelings with them the family will guide u to become successful person in the outside world.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Avoiding waste time with Ur personal computer

Dear friends don’t sit in front of the computer without knowing what particularly you are intention to do because computer will spoil your precious time for hours without doing something special..........

Computer will give the more information's to us try to gain something use full from Ur PC......

Now it’s the time to avoiding wasting time with Ur personal computer:-


The first thing that considers important is the difference between when you are online and offline. Your computer when it’s offline always have limited factors of time wasting and that it doesn’t have something new; this is important because all of us look for something new to fulfill ourselves when we feel tired or not enough busy. There may be some computer games, articles, some movies and video clips and pieces of your favorite music along with some funny computer programmers. In case of online when you have gets vast opportunity of time wasting. Thousand of websites to surf, messaging programs, emails, social networks (orkut, face book) and search engines like Google, Ask etc....... 

As I notice difference between an online computer with an offline one regarding to potential of time wasting. So as an important matter, if this is your case please really consider limiting your online activities. If you really do not need your internet connection at times, so disable your connection or at least you can disable the online. The technique I’m going to show you now is really simple but so efficient. It’s just a simple rule that you need to bear in mind whenever you go toward a computer “write up the exact time of when you start using the computer “After you wrote the starting time, whenever you notice the time you will then involuntarily look at your clock and ask yourself “how much time am I spending on this activity?

and then you surely quit the activity after a few times you observed. After you’re quitted that activity you may calculate how much time did it take to cope that activity and  you may write it on a piece of paper or better enter it in MS word

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sum Sum Summer Time

Summary of summer:-


Summer is an important season for the social agenda of individuals

Generally, the summer season in most regions of the world has an evident increase in tourism

Outdoor activity is also a hobby, taken by many people during this season, due to the warmer and more favorable conditions


Activities in summer time:-


Summer is my happiest time of the year

Dear friends during the summer time defiantly u will feel bad... Because of hot so better u go for outdoor activates. In summer vacation go to some hill station or to some beaches with your friends to refresh your mind I really tell you., You will enjoy a lot... 


In the summer season I will be go to swimming with my friends 

sometimes I will going to hill stations like ooty, kodekenal...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forever in My Heart

"Never miss them those who really cares you lot and never hurts them who really loves you lot"  
This are the key features of forever in our heart.... Just think helping nature of your Friends or some good advice from your  close friends or some conflicts from who really cares you this are the things we never forgot it leaves forever in our heart.. Try to help some one .
share your feelings with your close friends......that persons give the tips to your  feelings..... this are the things who never forget also it leaves forever in there heart

We can do it I know we can!

The thing achievement is not a simple matter every persons has there own feelings or imagination. but the imagination does not give the real output. but we should struggle or we should do hard work about our imagination.... while doing hope yourself and also adopt the trail and error method to get positive results... the fail is commen but we should take the fail as the first step of succeed in our life ........this are secret of the achievements in our life so friends am telling you don't waste the time take the every work to do.....and hope that you can do it.......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Creativity and an imagination is endless..

Every Human begins has there own imagination about there life styles....... 
But imagination is not thing that gives real picture of a life. so that every human Begins take there imagination to objective for there life.  after they will get the wonder full outputs in there future........... the thing imagination is more important then the Knowledge because the imagination will gives the more knowledge about there life styles

every persons has there own creativity we should identify that creative ..... it is the mental process we should give work to brain to generate new creative ideas .... 

Dear friends am telling that imagination is not a bad thing. but we should imagine some thing use full to our life and we should imagine positively to words our life and also try to get some creativity in Ur life that helps u lot to survive Ur life

Believe in Yourself

Believe yourself and all you are know that there must be something inside......
There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them. 
 those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself.

When the days come where you see your succeeding and unexpected things if u believe in yourself

believe of yourself is art its just not word meaning its create you something to Universe ...
So try to believe to Yourself it gives You positive gain towords Your life

A friend is a rare book where only one copy was made

Dear friends i am happy to say about my way of friendship some times i feel it very nice i had learn many things with my friendship either may positive nor negative...............

Don't miss the beautiful and precious things in Ur life.....

I've have found many peoples in my life and i didn't feel every body is my friend....... because i never take any good support from them.... some one give the nice advice to my life and i had share all my feelings with them so that am requesting don't miss the friendship in ur life